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Hi all!

My name is Jordan Hannibal (yes… Hannibal haha!) and I am the creator of 5150 Nut Butter. My company is a very small company located in eastern San Diego county (El Cajon to be specific). I am a San Diego native, and so far the longest period of time that I’ve ever been away from SD is for 2 weeks and that was to the highly acclaimed vacation destination of the state of Ohio… ha! I have a passion for people and for making people laugh/smile. It recharges my batteries to hear a laugh or see a smile and know I may have had something to do with making that happen. I graduated from Monte Vista High School in 2001 and was voted Class Clown which basically means I was the most annoying kid in my class.

So, one of the biggest questions I receive is: “What got you into the peanut butter business?”. Well it all started towards the beginning of 2012. I started eating differently to cut some weight for running (which is a huge passion of mine), and a co-worker I had at the time, named Henry, who used to be a body builder gave me some tips on how to go about eating in a way that promotes efficient and healthy results. A few of these tips included: eat every 2 hours, drink a gallon of water per day, cut a lot of sodium out of my diet, don’t eat many carbs past lunch, and make sure to eat breakfast. I told Henry that I hate eating breakfast. Henry recommended something quick like oatmeal. I told Henry that I hate eating oatmeal even more than I hate eating breakfast. Henry recommended that I put some peanut butter in it and that will help with the taste. So I did. I was buying a peanut butter that was a “no-salt added” peanut butter and it was working out fine. I would add that, honey, and a half of a banana into my oatmeal and I was actually satisfied with my results. I couldn’t believe I was actually in a routine of eating oatmeal.  Well, a day came in September, 2012 where I was driving to work and heard a recall for that specific brand of peanut butter because of a risk of salmonella poisoning. I took the jar that I had back to the store that I purchased it from and was going to just exchange it with another jar of the same brand, but they had wiped this brand from their shelves and all of the other brands had salt added. What the heck was I going to do for my oatmeal in the morning?!?!?! So I left the store in a panic and then remembered that I had a machine that could homogenize nuts and make nut butters, so I went straight to another store and bought bulk peanuts and bulk almonds and went home and made my first nut butters and that was the birth of The Health Nut! The texture was so much more unique and the taste was so much fresher that I never went back to store-bought peanut butter. So, from September, 2012 to December 2013 I played with different flavors and combinations AKA “kitchen chemistry” and landed on a few of the flavors that I currently offer. On December 7th, 2013 my sisters and mom were selling some homemade items at a craft fair at Grossmont High School in La Mesa, CA. They were kind enough to let me take up some real estate on their table so I could attempt to sell some jars. I didn’t end up selling very many that day, but I posted the event on my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts and had an amazing response from friends and family who wanted to help support and get some as gifts and stocking stuffers for Christmas. A light bulb went off and I decided to look into turning this hobby into a business. From December 2013 to June 2014 I slowly got the ball rolling and the right doors opened, and the right doors closed, that led me to get the appropriate permits and enabled me to start selling at farmers markets and other special events around town. My very first farmer’s market was in Alpine, CA on July 22nd, 2014.

Currently I am selling at various farmer’s markets around San Diego County, and am in a couple stores around town as well as offering nationwide shipping. Follow 5150 Nut Butter on Instagram (@5150nutbutter) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/5150nutbutter) to see where I will be selling each week. I need to thank everyone who has encouraged me along this journey by supporting me and my company, either through kind words, words of wisdom, or through purchasing my product and telling others about it. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for all of you! Even to you, who is reading this right now, thank you for taking your time to get to know more about me and my company, I truly appreciate you and I won’t ever stop appreciating my friends/customers/supporters who have helped me turn a hobby into a passion. I encourage anyone else out there who is thinking about starting a business, to just go for it. It will be the biggest adventure and learning experience that you will ever do. Yes, even more of an adventure that visiting Ohio for 2 weeks… hahaha!

Love you guys!!!

Jordan Hannibal – Boss Man – 5150 Nut Butter

PS – I actually really did enjoy Ohio.

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