Winter is Coming (Mixed Nuts) – 10oz


This seasonal release is The Health Nut with vanilla milk chips (basically white chocolate) added. You know that emoji face with the 2 hearts where eyeballs should be? Yup… that's what will probably happen to your face when you taste this one! Just like all of the 5150 Nut Butters, this one is not too sweet – in fact I think Goldilocks would say this one is juuuuuust right hahaha! Can you tell I wrote this description at 2am? Yes I get a little loopy when I am tired. Ok, so this is released on December 1st every year and is expected to be around until the end of January… unless I sell out sooner, so get yours now and don't forget… Winter is Coming!


Let your imagination run wild. I did and that’s how I found out that The Health Nut mixed into my rice bowl, stir-fry or used as a burger-topper is delicious. A few common uses for any of the flavors are:

Eating with a banana, apple, celery; mixing into yogurt, oatmeal, farina, ice cream; or the good ol’ fashion take a spoon to it and dig right in.
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Jordan Hannibal
Owner – 5150 Nut Butter


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